MAY'S Referral News by Vicky Chiappari - Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or I'll buy it!*HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

Friday May 08th, 2020





May's Referral News by Vicky Chiappari - Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or I'll buy it!*


Wowww we are In May already, and it is almost MOTHERS DAY!!! It  is a very special day for very special people.

To all the Moms out there who are doing the best that they can as always. Being a mom, teacher, friend, good listener, story teller and trying to add some smiles in this difficult times.

My Mom used to tell me, seemingly repeatedly, to do this and do that, not to do this and not to do that.  ALL, I recall, very valuable advice. Looking back on it all these many years later, I can say she was, a very wise woman.

Time reveals, in fact, just about every caring Mother is a Wise Woman. I can see why we carve out a special day each year, and EVERY DAY! to acknowledge Moms.

So here is a shout out to all Mom’s – Happy Mother’s Day!!



Unfortunately, My Mom  is no longer here.  I am sure some reading this can relate and have similar stories.  For ALL those whose Mom is no longer with us, may you remember the best about them. I always remember sitting on my mom laps while we were watching movies, I remember  her sitting beside the window and sewing... There are also many who never knew their Mom due to unfortunate circumstance. I bet someone played that role in their life and they too deserve a Happy Mother’s Day!

Regardless, we can celebrate this Mother’s Day knowing Moms both here and no longer here are special in more ways than we can count. 

Especially those moms taking care of sick kids that they are not even thinking about MOTHERS DAY, we want to help them by bringing smiles on her little ones faces.

That why we like to support and donate to MAKE A WISH!


A real estate company with experience, proven results and a give-back philosophy!

Therefore, we offer guarantees and assurances to our clients.  We call this Our Risk Removal System.  Like our Guaranteed Sale Program: Your Home Sold at a Price Agreeable to You or We’ll Buy *  In fact, our Exclusive Seller Agreements Offer 10 Unprecedented Guarantees.  In my experience, these guarantees elevate our service and our clients experience. 

If you are receiving Homeward Bound for the first time, you will notice we give back to those in our who need help the most. Like  Make a Wish Canada.

A Real Estate Company that   Gives Back    

We are on a mission to raise money to Make A Wish Canada, I do this by donating a portion of my income

from the homes we  sell. Make A Wish is the largest wish-granting organization in the world, making dreams and

wishes come true for children with life-threatening illnesses since 1980

The Mission  of Make a Wish is to provide children with life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their

most heartfelt wish, giving them the strength to endure their treatments and build resilience.   

When children are battling a critical illness, so much of normal childhood is taken away from them —

 it is exhausting, both emotionally and physically. A wish is something that gives children the opportunity

 to look outside their illness — it restores a sense of childhood back to the child and normalcy

 back to the family.

Most don’t know though that Make a Wish is a non-profit. It Truly does take a Village to grant this wishes.

Individuals donors, corporations, foundations, community groups and  thousands of volunteers make

 this possible through their generosity and dedication.

So, when you hear me say “YOUR REFERRALS HELP THE KIDS…” they really do 

The reason for the headline is because 30 seconds is about all it takes to think about who you know that may be considering buying or selling the place they call home and to give us a call.  If it is you, then awesome! If it’s a friend or family member, that’s great too!


Who do you know considering buying or selling a home that you could refer to our real estate sales team?  Not only will they benefit from our award-winning real estate service, a very worthy cause will benefit as well.

I want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move, so here are your options:

· You can call me direct at 416-858-9384 or pass on my number.

·  If you are receiving this issue of Homeward Bound by email, you can reply with the referral information.

We will be involved in many activities that Make a Wish is doing to support the organization. We will keep you updated.

Thank you in advance for your referrals! My number is 416 858 9384

Over the years of helping  hundred of families sell or buy the place they call home, we have met so many wonderful, loving, caring people. We are so grateful. Thank you for reading over this month’s Homeward Bound and thank you for referring anyone you know considering buying or selling to my team. They will be in good hands and a very worthy cause will benefit as well.


Go Serve Big!!!

Vicky Chiappari

iPro Realty

416 858 9384




P.S. I copied and pasted the story enclosed from Make a Wish  website. It tells the story of the great work they are doing better than me.

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